What is the GUEP?

The Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP) is a nation-wide competition open to small and medium-sized localities with the goal of reducing energy use. The main portion of the competition runs from Jan 2015 – Dec 2016 and is judged primarily on the amount of reduction of purchased electricity and gas by the residential and municipal sectors.

Of the over 8,000 eligible communities nationwide, Charlottesville is one of 50 in the Semifinals:

Our Competition – the 50 Semifinalist CommunitiesGUEP Semifinalist Communities Map

Semifinalist communities will be judged over the course of the competition based on the extent of community involvement, the potential for replication and innovation, and reductions in energy purchases from electric and gas utilities from the residential and municipal sectors.

The Semifinalist competition will occur over two years (2015-2016) and will compare energy purchases with 2013-2014 data to to measure reductions or increases. After December 2016, finalist communities will be selected quantitatively based on their energy savings performance during 2015-2016. Finalists will be invited to submit a final report which will be evaluated qualitatively. The grand prize winner will be announced in 2017.

The $5 million grand prize must be used to reward the community as a whole and to further its energy savings efforts. The winning community must determine (and describe in their finalist reports) how they will use the grand prize.

More about the rules and judging criteria can be found at http://guep.org/rules-timeline.

Competition Timeline

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