Our Game Plan

Proposed-Game-PlanOur game plan is organized into four parts:

  • Part 1:  Power in Knowledge – Increasing Awareness.

Part 1 is focused on developing and delivering an overarching community engagement/education outreach effort. The aim is to be fun, informative, interesting, and motivating. The goal is to make the awareness of energy as ubiquitous as energy use actual is, and to reinforce that everyone can do something, and there are actions that anyone can do. Opportunities will exist to engage a wide number of organizations of all sizes and missions and their membership.

  • Part 2:  Power in Actions – Starting on the Energy Path.

Part 2 is intended to compile and offer actions people can integrate into regular routines and adopt as part of daily life. Strategies will include behavior choices, simple DIY fixes, informational support, and ‘next steps’ on the path to increasing energy performance. This part is envisioned to be an online toolkit with useful resources compiled and supplied by a variety of community partners. Additionally, it will be a vehicle for soliciting suggestions from the community as to what additional resources would be helpful.

  • Part 3:  Power in Investment – Locking-in Ongoing Comfort and Savings.

Part 3 will focus on investments in physical improvements to our community’s existing building stock. It will aim to support multiple residential sectors including single family homeowners, multi-family property owners, rentors, and affordable & lower income housing. Efforts are envisioned to be largely developed and delivered by community programs and partners and will include a combination of proven existing efforts, leveraging opportunities to reach greater scale, and exploring strategies for challenging and underserved segments of the building sector (including rental properties and lower income housing).

  • Part 4:  Power in Preparation – Building a Strong Foundation.

Part 4 is intended to address longer-term policy and financing topics. It will provide the opportunity to consider tools, resources, and information that could aid the City’s 20 year energy and emissions reduction goal but require a larger conversation and consensus before pursuing. Four categories of potential topics include:

  • Policy & Legislation Advancement
  • Increasing Funding & Financing Options
  • Institutionalize Successful Internal Practices
  • Long Term Community Energy Planning

Provide Your Feedback on the Game Plan:

Thank you for taking the time to consider the proposed Game Plan (above). We are inviting comments and suggestions from the public as to what will make our community and Energize!Charlottesville successful in the GUEP.

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